Welcome to GoodFellas 4 Kids Healthy School Lunch Program

GoodFellas4Kids is a family-owned business that is based locally in the Sacramento area. We feed your children like our own - we strive to provide the best possible school lunches with an emphasis on foods that are familiar to children, while occasionally introducing new things, thus improving culinary taste and experience. We are part of a community that is determined to raise healthy kids. We make it a priority to use organic and locally grown, fresh ingredients in our products whenever possible. GoodFellas believe that involving the children in their lunch selection process helps parents teach their kids about nutrition and ensures that their lunches are eaten and enjoyed!

Your child's lunch is made daily straight from our kitchen, individually packaged and delivered to your school. We also provide extra lunches for back-up. We are thrilled to be the lunch service of choice for your school and look forward to serving your child on a daily basis.



We offer a simple way to pre-order and pay for fresh and healthy lunches online. Ordering is available on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. And we are ALWAYS available.

We appreciate you contacting us directly with any GoodFellas-related questions and concerns.